Monday, September 27, 2021

Wii Music

Nice game, not so many great songs. Drum part is verg good, but forgotten.

Battle Of The Bands Wii

Great guitarhero game without buying a guitar. Some great indie music in country hiphop spanish rock and drumband

I made 1 3some mashup on yt , wanted to creatr more, but will not use original vids anymore.

Kaleidoscope PC

See kkaleidoacoop parts. Should I creatr an post with its name or in the series?

organic art

See also kaleidoscoop parts. But it should have its own post.

Dance DNA

I liked the title very much, dancing DNA strings seems quite interesting, well it's not. First the CD-Rom was missing an crucial file, so Dance DNA could not work ( lucky for me the customer support send me the missing DLL file), second: all visuals looked as poorly drawn 3D animals made out of strings and last: before Dance DNA let it move you first have to play the whole songs, otherwise it doesnt know how to moe it ! I tried a couple of times...and decided to use the visuals of (for example: ) Windows Media Player , which are made in realtime ( lots of choice too).

I tried to records its moves, but it didnot, maybe soneone tried better on yt 

My Music Memories: The Year Of The Cat of Al Stewart

Sounds a lot like bakerstreet of gerry rafferty (more well known) . But the solos and the violins ar3 great.

TnC House Classics presents : Equador

Yeah, Sash was for a short time very populair, but his music style began soon to repeat itself.
And you could easily make a megamix with all the Sash hits witout knowing how many tracks were included. Èquador was one of his best, melodic, not to soft and very dancable.

There should be a megamix somewherr on yt...

TnC House Classics presents : Power Of American Natives

It´s just as catchy as Open Your Mind, but here are the panflutes that gives this song something extra. I love the bassline with that old housebeat, the refrein with the female vocal.
Yes I believe in the `Power Of American Natives´.

2nd post is better ? I dont know

TnC House Classics presents : I Remember of ...

This one is not so old school as other TnC Classics to prove I listen to more modern house music too. I Remember is a song that could fit in any Deep House / Chill Out mix. I would call it Dream House and is really an aged term these days. The female voice blend perfectly with the smooth ritmes. A great song to relax and fall asleep.

Yt vid and remixes ??,

TnC GameMusic Selection: Tomb Raider theme

You are ready for some really hardcore gamepad bashing and you like the looks of Lara Croft, so you insert the CD-Rom in your PC and you listen to this in the main menu...
You calmed down a bit and want to start the game, or...not...
You cant resist the simple tune of flutes, harp and a male choir and listen to it until the end.
Then you start the game, refreshed and prepared...

Theme of tombraider 2 was also very good, it waz a sort of short version of the original with more instruments.

TnC GameMusic Selection: Trust Twist & Turn (level)

All songs are great. Simple electronic music. I should ask Jeffrey for the composers.

My Music Memories : Everyone Is A Winner

This song is really from long time ago, when I was a kid listening to the radio and it chartslists. So I heard hits from Hot Choclade like this one. At that time there were more groups that sound like soul, disco , funk, ???, I liked Hot Choclade because of the great guitarist that maked the songs less from smooth. Everyone Is A Winner is proberly the most rocky funk they every made, I love it and played air guitar every time I heard it on thr radio. It was not really air guitar, because I made myself an guitar from Card board,  a long small flat piece of wood and a button  of a doorbell. I used viltstifts to color my guitar and was quite happy  with the result. Hot Choclade made another great song, called Emma, the story behind it, the way the guitar plays during the song, the way they sing it, well it still makes me sad. And we all love happy memories, don 't we ? That's way I choose Winner instead of Emma...

Airguitar hero !!!

TnC House Classics presents : Ride In The Night

Spanish guitar and a progressive house style. Nice.

TnC House Classics presents : Infinity 2009

I thought nobody could ever make a better version than the original. I was wrong. More electro, more vocals, more compressed. At least 3x better.

TnC GameMusic Selection: An Introduction

I always loved instrumental music, specially in games.
So I collected over the years a lot of GameMusic from mostly PC games I had bought.
Later I searched on the net for gamemusic composers and complete soundtracks.
So this GameMusic Collection will have mostly PC-games.
For MSX games with PSG music made John Hassink a great video, and he did it so well that
I could never make any addition to it.
But I made 1 tape with MSX-Music gamemusic from several MSX games.
The 2nd was never recorded, cause I ran out of tapes and had also not enough music
to record both sides.
Enough about MSX for now.

I started to collect GameMusic, when I discovered that a lot of PC games on CD-Rom
had real audio tracks hidden after the game-data.

After a while I recorded the best of these tracks on more than 20 pieces of C90 tapes,
totally random in music genre, only ordered by the tracknumber and the type of game.
There were tapes with Pinball GameMusic, Racing GameMusic and Other GameMusic.

I made those for use in my Sony Walkman, during traveling by foot, bus or train to my work and back home.One tape got lost, when my son tried to find the end of the tape...

I liked the tapes a lot, some more than others.
Times were changin, and when I got my first mp3-player, the Sony Walkman was never used before.
Still I preserved the tapes and stored them in a special box.
Then when we bought a new stereo-set so time ago, it could play a tape and
record it on a mp3-player via an USB connector at the same time.
So I recorded all of them (except 1) and burn it on DVDs and forgot it, until now.
In this series I want to post the GameMusic that really matters to me, even after all
these years...
And maybe I upload all these tapes with GameMusic, so you can listen to them too.

Some can be found at mixcloud mixmeister tnc or tnc tapes. 

The rest was never upload cause I had no free space left there.

TnC GameMusic Selection: Boogie Woogie Theme 1 (Pinball The Luxe)

Boogie woogie is some kind of simple rock n roll. In 1 pinball game I found a couple. The music was better than the game.

112 MSX Basic games presents : MIRRORS.GAM (8X)

I hate this game. It looks like it can run on any computer with at least 40 columns, but the programmer made some strange decisions to get to the game over routine, so after I made a lot of changes with more controls, introduction, translating, difficulty and highscore, the game didnt work properly anymore. Lucky for me I saved a lot of versions. Sadly I had to rethink all my changes and try to let it work differently. The gameplay is simpel,  just use the / and \ for the × to get to the 0. Yeah, it's easy I hear you say. Well that depends. This MSX version of the game has only 1 advantage above other versions, it has some soundeffects. So no beep included. Get frustrated just like me and play this MIRRORS.GAM at leasg 10 times. You will know what I mean. Goto Gavitex Mediafire

Ever finished or not ? I still have to check.

My music memories: Wunderbar of Tubler (?) Tudor

Another fun song I remembered after I got the idea of the Bad Manner song. "Wunderbar" is not from a German rockband, only the title is in German. Tumble Tudor was just an Scotsvh (?) band. Wunderbar can both be shouted and whistle at the samw time, not very common in a sing-a-long song.

Any nice covers on yt ??

TnC House Classics presents : Power of American Natives

Continue with the mellow side of Tnc. I just love the combi of panflute, hypnotic bassline, the voice and the smooth synths to finish it. There are a lot of versions of the song, a sign that  lot of djs and remixers liked it too. I check if there is a MSX Moonblaster version. The videoclip fits the song like a glove, what else can I say?

No remixes on yt ?

MSX Text To Speech: Parole

I mentioned this program on SoundZ & DemoZ Part 2.

I created specially for this post a short demo of my conversion of Parole into English ( or should I say Frenglish...)

There is a short yt vid of this. But nobody used it anymore.

THe LOve THeme - TNc INstrumentals

Barry white and the love orchestra ?

Rustige instrumentale disco.

Fan Of AC/DC

This is maybe just an update on the post I made about Thunderstruck a big hit for AC/DC . I liked the band, but the first frontman was much better than the 2nd one. No matter how hard he tried to sound like the 1st one. I bought Let There Be Rock because of the hit the album is named after and of course Whole Lotta Rosie, with that classic guitarriff. AC/DC did use variations of the same riff in other songs, but there can only one Whole Lotta Rosie.  I am not sure why I bought the 2nd album Powerage. I guess I liked the 1st one so much, the 2nd could not be worse. That was true, Downpayment Blues for example, neverless it doesnt had hits. The most radiofriendly song Rock n Roll Damnation was not catchy enough, a bit boring really. I still want to create a mix with the best parts of every song on both CDs, I had to find time to listen, selecting, cutting, sorting and mixing it. One thing I am sure about,  there will be no animated video. I did it for Bit Trip Mad Mix and for Life Is Strange The Decision. Good ideas and so much time to create video thats not boring . It made me hate a lot of video editors, video converters . I will always remember AC/DC as band that played rock n roll like a real hard rock band.I dont have listen to other albums yet, maybe I will and become a real fan. After these 2 CDs I never bought other musics of them. Did I inform you about I dont like how the 2nd frontman sings ?

Let There Be Rock / Powerage

Let There Be Rock , Whole Lotta Rosie

Rock n Roll Damnation others ? 

search for life versions of the songs

I wanted the create a mix of both albums witg the best parts. But a compiled live album with all songs of both albums should be fine too. I had a couple mp3 from old live concerts somewhere.

My Music Memories: Synth Wave / Retro Wave

I told you earlier at the end of 2016, I discovered a new music genre.

In November 2016 I was browsing on in the newest mixes and found a mix with a letterfont as it came straight from the 80s. So I checked it out and fell in love with the music.

The mix was called Night Ride FM and was interupted a lot by a female host who tried to be witty. According to the DJ FRANK the music was a mix of Synthwave, Indietronica or New Retro Wave.
Well, the music style is not new of course, it's just the sound of the 80s into the 21th century. But all are new tracks and not just re-edited originals.

One of my favorite artists in this genre is The Midnight, their album Endless Summer is absolutly a must if you like the 80s as much as I do.

I like instrumental music and a lot of these so called Synthwave or Retro Wave is instrumental too. It's also inspired by music from videogames so that is no suprise.

Lately I saw the movie Drive on TV, the action was ok, but the movie seems a bit unfinished. However the music was fantastic in 80s style, so I though the movie came
from the 80s too. According to wiki it was a movie from 2011 !!!

There are a few YouTubers who make long mixes full of the latest Synthwave Retro Wave.

So check these favorites of mine:

Nightride FM

Want more ? Check YouTube on Synthwave or Retro Wave.
You can see also the 80s style in the pictures and animations in these mixes. Like the picture on the right.

Never published ??
Why ??

The MSX GOES HOUSE and the MoonBlaster Housemixes

After I saw Jeroen Tel plsying remixes of famous computergames music at some Assembly parties I remembered I oncetried to do the same by collecting all MSX House music and organizing a MSX House party.  However I dont feel like DJing so I made a text about my ideas and post it on some MSX BBSes. I hoped some MSX-ers would responsed and help me with organizing this. I never got any answer. I started my own project MSX Goes House, collecting the best MSX Moonblaster Housemusics, created new stereomixes for each track. In the end I had more than 10 disks. But I got tired of all the editing and stsrted to create my own replsyer for recordjng these songs on tape.The replayer was never finished and I forgot the whole project. Until I got Mixmeister program for creating mixes for a fellow worker who was also musican/composer Raztech and BlueMSX,  Lex Leuthz Diskmanager, Audacity. I found out how to create DSK images of all my MSX Disks, use them in BlueMSX , record each song with Audacity and mix them in Mixmeister Fusion into 1 mix per MGH disk image. This story and more can be read at Mediafire and Pcloud 


Jeroen Tel, txt MGH 1 + 2, text of first Moonblaster Housemix in rtf format

Every mix had its own rtf txt file, with nice info. Too bad nobody red it, so this blog was a good place for those. Todo still.

TnC Mixes: 3-some freestyler minimix

3 songs, Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler, Out of Space - The Prodigal, Talkin 'bout Dub - Apollo 440 mixed together, different BPMs and long boring intro's made the mix hard to finish. Cutting/pasting until raw mix was finished, then cut some samples with the title of the song in it and some spoken words and mix the raw mix together with the samples (that was the plan).

Still unfinished due to the bad design of Audacity. Multitrack is terrible. Still searching for a free multitrack editor. Still have to test a couple with midi 

TnC Instrumental Highlights : War Of The World by Jeff Wayne

Once you hear those scary violins,you know what the song is called. War Of The World. I dont care much about any hoorspel, this one is special. The great narritor ???? tells the story of courage, despair, drama and relief like an eye witness shoild do and in combination of fantastic unhiemlich music of Jeff Wayne its an audio adventure like no other. I never saw any movie with this title, bit afraid it will ruin the audio experience I had. My sister bought the music on tape and I just list en  to them by accident. And I never forget. The soundtrack also features a incredib l e beautiful ballad a bit like Alan Parson Project would compose it. It is just as haunted as the rest of the music. And becauee the lyrics are so sad, I guess nobody wants to cover it. Back to WarOf The World, the single version was shorted it made the impact on the listen er r even bigger. A bit of disco, electronic,  those violins all perfect sync with eachother,  real masterpiece. I searched for more music of Jeff Wayne, but it seemed just like John Miles, he had 1 big hit and it was all over. With a song this famous every body wants to try to create their own remake, mostly monsterous fails. I manage to find a couple nottoo bad, like...

I wonder if I found any. Had to check my bookmarks and likes.

TnC mixes: thinkpad of ???? ( Windows Store)

Rarely you find something good in the Windows Store, most of free apps have less functions as freeware programs you can find on the net, Only if you pay you get a app that is realy usefull. But why pay for a  app if freeware programs are much better ? I enjoyed a remake of Every Breah You Take on YT witn a kind of soundpad device. So I searched just for fun in  the Winstore for a freeware soundpad. Abd there was! It was made by ??? and work like expected without consulting any manual or website. The only thing I missed was ,saving different configurations , but hey, its free, so why bother if it does what it should do. So I put samples of a very old floppydisk of Blunt Axe, Dingetje, Madness, AC DC, Deacon Blue into the soundpad app, here are the results. Totally chaos and sometimes funny too. Try it yourself with all kind of (short) samples, or use mine ( tnc I hole you dont mind mystrange kind of humour

2nd post about soundpad or not ???

TnC mixes : mixesvibes mistakes

There are so many software programs for mixing music, its hard to be original. Mixvibes tried to be original by creating for every sample a differ er nt  short video and a interface to mix them together live while manipulation also the video and the video of each sample in realtime. I liked the idea and the interface tha t allows you the change the video in many ways, however the free version I tested had very limited amount of samples. Tha t shouldnot be a real prob l em, but the given samples didnt match with eachother,  so creating a interesting soundscape with video failed. I tried a couple of time, still the results were acc to my TnC standards , not good enough to upload it to YT. So I created a long video with the best parts and here is the link to try it yourself. Of course you can pay for lots of sample pack to make trap techno or lounge and I assume you can  create better tracks then with the free version. But I have some doubts when I hear how off tune some samples sound in the free version. WHY included them? The free version of Magix Musicmaker hsd much better ssmples thst really sound good together, check my other post to listen. Give it a try, mixvibes and then buy another mix I ng prigram. Well.. what are you waiting for?

Vids were made but needs editting maybe to create better music...

112 MSX Basic games presents : GOTORED4.GAM (61)

Now this is a simple game where you play against MSX or an human player. There is a field full of squares and 1 of them is red. You win if you get on the red square first or if you cant go to another square. All squares will dissapear if you click on them. You can move vertical and MSX or human player plays horizontal. The playscreen is very small but random generated, so every game wont take long to finish, it stays challanging. Finding a good name for this game was difficult, the Dutch title "Vlaktiek" cannot be translated , causd its a kind of Dutch wordjoke. I dont know how to make jokes in English so in the end I choose for "GOTORED4". It described to game very well. Of course I made a sort if manual and playerscreen, so you can choose  player names ( only 3 chars) and if you choose against MSX or player 2. I dont let the players choose if they want to play vertical or horizontal, that's too much work for such a simple game. The sprite you can move was ver y small, so I mad e a different shape and change color of the sprite with every players turn. I could draw the directions for every player, I didnt. Read the manual !
Are you willing to challange MSX ? Goto Mediafire / Pcloud.
After I wrote this I started with applying those changes. Soon I found out it was extreem difficult to change the game to a 2 player game. It was not clear which tests were for determine the best turn and which one for moving the sprite. So I exterminated that idea of the 2 player game. Next was the sprite size, after playing the game I was convinced the size and shape were good enough and change only the color of the sprite and the name of the player. However I got a great idea to create a sort of tournament where you must play 5 rounds against MSX, of course you can choose to play only 1 round, but you miss the fun of besting the MSX at least 3 times to win the tournament.

Where is that game ? Can it still be downloaded ?

My Music Memories : country house

Country and house.

The grid, cotton eye joe and maybe 1 more I forgot.

Philips Music Module prgrams : Musicbox

Musicbox w as the buildin prgram of the Music Module I spend hours and hours and hours fooling around. Transforming my voice with echo and pitch in realtime,  impressive for MSX 1 software,, was just 1 of features I loved to use. The sampler could not sample more than 4,6 ? Seconds or 4 small ones, you could play them on your MSX keyboard with different pitches. It was big fun to hear your voice can be transformed into a baby or a very old mans voice. And most important, you could use the samples like any other instrument i  the simple songeditor. So you could play lets say, a solo on a Spanish riff , sample your voice saying Ole and replace the instrument thst plays the solo with the sample. Result: you will hear Ole a lot when playing your arrangement ( which is a solo and a riff). And there was more, you also could change the drumkit, not much, just another snaredrum or cymbals. But it can really make a change if you listen to the change riff. I call them riffs, Musicbox called the styles and there are a lot of them. Some are very simple and annoying, like scottish, some are just great like pop or rock n roll or indian. I typed in some short songs from the musicboook I got in the Music kodule package, only short ones, cause you need to putt every note into place at the rightplace,which was not easy and very timeconsuming. I record with my taperecorder all sound from the audio cassette that was also partof the package. Not much to record, but sampling the rock guitarriff gave me enough new ideas for arrangemrnts in Musicbox editor. I forgot to tell you there was another feature I never ever had seen before on MSX, it could rearrange and record in realtime the notes you are playing so every note was in perfect sync timing with the music. Very handy for me cause I never could play in ritme. Special for this post I created a zipfile with the program Musicbox and all the stuff I made or collected. I am not sure if Musicbox will work with the Toshiba MSX - AUDIO cartrudge instead of the Philips Music Module, so you really need  a Philips Music Module( or emulated) to let the Musicbox work. How a lot of funwith playing these files, or watch the video to get a short impression of Musicbox.

See also the post about the Philips Music-Module. This is the 3rd I guess.

Philips Music Module programs: Drum System

I told you in earlier post, I got this program from a MSX-er from Arkel who worked at the local TV-station of my town Gorinchem with a MSX NMS8280. He got it with some other German MSX software. Yes German, Philops Drum System wss never sold in the Netherlands, which was a real shame. A lot of Music Module owners would buy it without hestite.

Mmmm more the same post, different little story.

Fan Of Innocent Mission ?

Black Sheep Walls, I Remember Me

First album was full of nice music even top40 alike, 2nd was repeating the formula with 1 result. Not 1 song good enough to be released as single.

Fan Of The Mission ?

Gods Own Medicine, Bridges Are Burning

If you are depressed, listen  to this. You will like it more than when you are not.

Life is no fun, when your mind tell you so.

Fan Of 10CC ?

Silly Love, Art For Art Sake, Live Is a Minestrone,Dreadlock Holliday, Wallstreet Shuffle, The Thing We Do For Love, I'm Not In Love

Check so the strange history volume 1 mix of codley and creme.

Philips Music Module prgrams : Drum System

Its from Philips Germany I guess, just like Musicbox and Music Creator made by Computermates. Sorry not much to tell about Computermates, but they did a wonderfull job cresting these programs.

See also the post about the music module. This program was never sold in dutchy land. I would buy it without a doubt. It came from PHILIPS Germany.

50 Years alive and 5 Years blog ( part 2)


When I got interested in music, I listen a lot to the radio 3 ( pop) and radio 2 ( easy listening ) With easy listening I means songs from the 50 60 and 70 mostly ballads and singalong songs. I recorded a lot of songs from the Dutch hitlists on thevradio, like Veronia Top 40 and the Tros Mega Top 50. The Tros and Veronica were omroepen in the Netherlands. And I watched Avro Toppop with the famous Ad Visser to see and hear the latest hits. Veronica and Tros tried to cresre a better tv programma's with their hitlist, but both were no match for Toppop. The hitlist were printed in tv gids and teenage magazines so you know which number you shoiuld record, of course a hit will omly be played if it was rising or new in the hitlidt.

Good old radio memories. Yeah I miss them sometimes.

50 Years alive and 5 Years blog ( part 3)

This time I want to tell you about music stores and when they dissapear.

Poef !

Yeah yeah internet, yt made it happen.

50 Years alive and 5 Years blog ( part 4)

When I made arrangement for the first posts in this series, I just want to post about my history with music (besides MSX music). Today I realized it's time to go public and let the original creators know what I did with their YouTube videos. I don't expect compliments, maybe some of my video's will be banned afterward. I feel I have to and hope for the best.

- Life Is Strange -> video clips by
- Life Is Strange -> music clips by

- Bit Trip Complete -> music cause from my audio CD and I made the video's too,
 so no YT credits

- You're Wondering Why / Death In Paradise -> music clip by 

- Red 5 minimix - > video/clips by .. and ..

- Trackmania 2 Canyon -> video by
- Trackmania 2 Canyon -> music by 

- Nee das niks  + Nee das niks an -> video by

- Nee das niks  + Nee das niks an -> music by

 - Paul says donk (10 minutes) -> video/music by SwedeMason

- Telkens Weer (10 uur lang) -> video/music by ...

- Happy Birthday -> video by ..

- Happy Birthday -> music by ..

it's still a bit unfinished so I don't want to get more views on this one

Mostly In the description on yt I wrote where the original came from, so this post missed its point.


Highlights of MSX: Philips Music Module !!!

If you never heard of it, you are not born in Europe. 
Never mind, I try to explain what the Philips Music Module is and why I like it so much.

The Philips Music Module was a kind of MSX-Audio music cartridge with some extras.
It had an interface for a special Philips keyboard, a midi interface, 2x mono output, a built-in microphone, a line-in input and a volume adjuster.

If you bought the original, you got 1 music-book, 1 manual and an audio-tape with some sounds to record. 
The software called "Musicbox" was build-in and started automatically when the 
MSX-computer was powered on.

I had plenty of fun with this "Musicbox" software. It was made for MSX-1, but all screens 
had different colors and looked all very nice and easy to understand.

You could record your own voice (or someone else) and play with it on your MSX keyboard
or you could play along with lots of different music-styles while the "music box" made it sound just right. You could change instruments, drumkits,

Some MSX-ers just hate to press ESC key for avoid starting "Musicbox" , removed the chip from the circuit board inside and pasted more sample-RAM on it to sample more seconds than the standard 4.6 seconds (32Kb). I let somebody else do it, to run more sample demos and sample-programs like Sampbox.

Philips made more software for the Music Module, like "Music Creator" 
(sold together by the Philips keyboard) and "Drum System" (Philips Germany). 

"Music Creator" was more than "Musicbox", a music arranger and composer.
It had also a kind of drum-sequencer, but much simpler than the "Drum System"
 "Drum System" was a drumkit-composer and -sequencer.

I liked "Drum System", cause you could sample your own drumkit and create your own drum riffs. My coffee-cup drumkit was the best drumkit I ever made. 
If you had a joystick connected you could play in realtime any drumkit you had on disk.
You just had to follow the rhythm...

I made 3 packages for each program, a program disk, and a software disk.
You can try for yourself.

To play around with Musicbox: Mediafire / Pcloud

To try to be serious with Music Creator: Mediafire / Pcloud
To make beats with Drum System: Mediafire / Pcloud

<video making with bluemsx ???>

There were vids made but very raw and slow I should speed up the part before playing sounds of music. Packages were never made , but maybe the maps are still somewhere.

TnC Internet Adventures: Photo 3D album/screensaver

This was really a discovery, with a lot of patience I found a lot of scènes for this program. It creates a 3d galery in different settings and the 3d design is simple but looks good enough. I made some yt vids with it with pics from a minecraft server.

Mediafire/ Pcloud

Fan of Zo"e ?

2 CDs bought 1 happy and optimistic 1 sad and angry. 

Hard to get the cds in nl, zoe is a common name but not very famous, she looks better than she can sing...

50 Years alive and 5 Years blog : My Music History (part 1)

Ddsrfgrgg t h
Dont know where to start,  I dont remember all of it and most evidence is already  vanished or destroyed...So these post woll be bits and pieces ofvthings I do remenber and not told earlier in blog posts.
Army radio, mono cassetterecorder of my sister
Creating tape with plakband on the erase head of the stereo cassetterecorder with R vl
Creating parodies of songs and verbs with blikken, worstjes, snert with Rvl
Playing records on turntables 1 big 16 speed with defect auto return, scratching with johnny en rijk single of my sisters, and changing the pitch on my sisters turntwnle your mother should know
Helter skelter at martin duyn with turntable without power slowdown
The news with march of the meanies, revolution with wasing machine, get back with file messages

Good memories, just need to write little stories about them.

50 Years alive and 5 Years blog (part 1)

This year, 2018, is a very special year, not only because I'm still 50, but in september it is 5 years ago when I started to blog as tncstuff. When I got stsrted, blogging was hot, nowadays you have so many other forms of social media and blogging becomes old school. It seems nobody wants to read more than 4 lines of text, then they are bored. So todays social media is all about pictures, videos ,a sensational title and one liners. I just wanna go on with the blog to get stuff out of my head and make room for new ideas and projects. Looking back I only get some feedback from SupMSX ( who created all my logo's ) via Google+. And I got more feedback on my comments on YouTube then on my uploaded video's.  Well so be it. I wanna celebrate those 2 milestones by creating some special content for everyone. Right now I am still busy collecting all sources, hopefully all will be ready before I am 60. Final note: When you are 50 you wanna look back and see what you have done all those years. I have not much wisdome collected, but I want to share this one with you: Life is all about improvisation. I believe things will always go not the ways you planned, so you have try to find other ways to get to your goal. If you are not able to do that anymore, you are stuck and if others are not able to help you...I guess your life has stopped then. You may be alive, you are dead inside.

With hope you can do things that seems out of reach.

Kaleidoscopes Part 4 : /&$/&/^!/%%&==%& ( Windows)

Vrsgdrbdfbfyngh fg b rxfz

I dont know which 1 this is anymore.

Kaleidoscopes Part 3 : Kaleidoscope ( MS-DOS )

D fh dtbdgnftnfgngfn

Video made but had to be edit. Not all pics in video so maybe new vid record needed.

Kaleidoscopes Part 2 : Philips Designer MSX-2

WHE I BOUGH my frst MSX comuter VG 8235 I GOT home office 1 and msx dos and a msx dcursus on disk. at home officw 1 contns a very nice screen 8 drawng program MSX Designer of A koene. LATER i got desgner plus on my nms 8245 and downloade later via my modem the latest videographics for 8280. nw i dont wantto go deeper into the differences between these prorams, they had at least 2 things in common all made by a koene and all run on screen 8. but mx desiner had one feature the other 2 programs did not havem a kaleidiscpoe i like it cause its absolutely random and afterxx visuls it shows he name of the maker. it works in series of circles, triangles or other stuf, however the choosen colors wll hurt your eyes and the multiplying after creatin a visualis not a s fast as i wiss. i like it anyway and used it in the short videoclip 2 felix with a speed up  of 200 or 500 procent

Video was made but mostly drawings with ugly colors. Edit needed badly!

TnC Internet Adventures : MSX logos Part 2 - Google

search for "MSX logo" and find 10 different logo's + 1 original MSX logo to start with

Mostly motors so maybe 10 is not reachable.

Kaleidoscopes Part 1 : Psychedelia MSX-1

Between my collection of MSX games there was a program called PSYCH, yeah MSX tapes doesnt allow more than 5 charcaters. 
If you start it, you saw the full name called PSYCHEDELIA. It was one of the first visulaizers on any computer, it was made for commodore 6510, ported tozx spectrum and in the end also to msx. with your jkoystick and lots of keys ou could change the patterns, colors speed and a couple of other things. bUT you could create and sae your own set of settings, it didnt respond to any music, like todays visualizers and you could not create your own patterns or texts. so within 15 minutes youhave seen it all and reset your msx to play a real game. and because its a port it doesnt use allMSX 1 colours, only 6 of them, which is a reaL mistake. BUT hey easy money... the software PSYCHEDELIA was when it came out very overprized, and what i like the most in it, is the very high speed of the visuals. the creator made other visulizers the interat to controllers and music, check the website, he improved in many ways his PSYCHEDELIA.
When I started this post I was convinced I had to make a video about the MSX version of PSYCHEDELIA, but after seen YT videos of the Spectrum I saw no differences with the MSX version and therefor no reason to create and upload.

I found the manual of the C64 version, I guess the port to Spectrum and MSX uses the same keys. Maybe it will help to figure out what you can do with the MSX version.

However nobody else tried the same thing on MSX-1 in any way, which is a bit of disapointment for me, considering the amount of MSX-1 software that has been made. 

Link to yt spectrum version needed.

TnC Internet Adventures: UGA Mod Collection

I was browsing in an CD portfolio full of early multimedia CD-Roms and DVDs I had bought or got for free somehow. 

Back in the 90s multimedia means, pictures, sounds, musics, short 3D animations and short (home-) movies. It was before everybody had fast enough internet to download it yourself. So lots of "companies" sold CD-(later DVD-)Roms with all kinds of multimedia stuff, to make some money. 

 I like all kind of pictures, 3D animation, sounds (samples) and MOD music, maybe the first compressed musicformat before everybody used mp3 or simulair compressing like ogg, etc.
And I bought a couple so called "mutlimedia" cd-roms. You had to be carefull no to buy duplicates, cause those "companies" sold with different names the same stuff.

Recently I just choose the first multimedia cd-rom I could find, "Multmedia Select ?"  and started browsing, cause the whole menu structure was MS-Dos, but without any menu and just a bunch of players. Most of the stuff was not worth the trouble, all pictures were ripped from electronic BBS sites complete with their adverts (yes, it was years before "the big 3w"), most animations last less then 5 seconds, half of the videos were from a fly show in brown-and-white and clipped sound, etc. etc. But the MOD collection was nicely ordered alfabeticly and enough to keep you listening for a couple of hours. 

I tried my fav player WinAmp, but it crashed on some MODs, so I used VLC Player instead,
with very nice results. You can speed up the music, but only in big steps. Step 1 is fine, 2 steps is too much.

After listining to favs like Wild Thing, Columbia, Wasteland, Tech House, Gods 
I wondered if my collection of tapes with MOD files, from the UGA Media Productions was still around somewhere on the net. Well, they have still a website, but most of the Dutch stuff is not there anymore and it seems forgotten, mostly cd-roms with pictures are for sale.

I found in the a couple of the earliest UGA Software Production, called Newsflash CD-Rom Issue 1. Maybe the first multi-media magazine ever. I had bought some Newflashes, mostly for the VGA demos and (MOD) music.

Now I seemed to have made 11 D90 tapes full of MODs, but after recording I never listened to them again, cause the sound was awfull. When I started recording, I had an old 386-PC, which was not fast enough to play the MODs without interruptions. I had to decrease the sample rate to 22 Mhz and disable a noisefilter to get the MODs playing on my PC.

I wrote all titles on the tapes, I wonder if I can find them all back on the net.

There were 2 amiga archives with mods that have lots of titles, but the titles on the tapes were handwritten and it were filenames makes it hard to find the right one. Sonetimes I had to listen to 8 versions to find the right one.

50 Years alive and 5 Years blog (more text LPs)

Here I want to tell you about my experiences with records, LPs, singles, 16/33/45/78 toeren records and why I like / dislike them.

In general I hope, cause lot I have discussed already.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

50 Years alive and 5 Years blog (more text MCs)

I should say something about cd and music cassettes here. But I dont know what I meant back then.

50 Years alive and 5 Years blog (more text CDs)

I am 54 now and my blog is dead. Less time to blog and to create the ideas I have.
These posts are now unfinished and only a reminderf what I could have made and blog about it. Sad but true.

TnC Internet Adventures : Techmoan

Interesting audio stuff from recent past which still works.

Fan of ELO ?

Lots of good songs at mk1 but lynne did not need violins anymore when synth were easier to use.

TnC House Classics presents Marg Jane of Technohead

Busy with a shorter edit of mary jane and papier hier version , both unfinished

Best rocksong ever?

Paradise by the dashboard light
Black betty
Mister blue sky

Sim Tunes

Videos were made but lot of stuff already on yt, so only own creations should be uploaded to yt.

Philips Music Module prgrams : Music Creator

Music Creator could only be bought witha big keyboard.

Video still to be made ? It has a drumeditor song editor and arrangement editor

TnC Mixes: Red 5 Minimix

When I was trying to finish the post about "I Love You...Stop!" I wonder if anyone had made a mix of Red 5 songs and upload it to YT. If you have read that post you know the answer.
So I got the idea to make a simple mix of the 3 songs I did like from Red 5, "Da Beat Goes", "I Love You...Stop!" and "For This World".

I ripped the audio from some "official music video's" of YT and started my mix-program.
As usual, things go not the way you planned. The idea was to start off with  "F T W" ( a bit mellow), then "I L Y S" to be more uplifting and a big finish with "D B G". However that order of the songs could not be mixed nicely, even if I changed the BPM of the songs to match the fastest song. So the order became "D BG", "I L Y S" and "F T W". Well, that was not a problem, most of my MSX Moonblaster Mixes had some kind of mellow/lounge end.

So I already changed the BPM and the order of the songs and still the mix was far from finished. I let my mix program decide to match the beat (same BPM) to create smooth transitions. It matched the BPM, it was horrible to listen too. I started listening to every song from the beginning until the end and started trimming. "D B G" needed less trimming, but when I was finished with "I L Y S", it lasted no longer than 01:12 of a song 03:47 and "F T W" was after trimming more than 1 minute shorter. 

Then I added my old friend 'cross-fade' to the mix, instead of any 'beat-mix xx', things were going to sound better. I mixed down the whole project and started to think about the video.
Well, first I listened to the mix and was not happy with the very short version of "I L Y S" in the mix, it was a TnC House Classics, never the less. Again, mix-program trimmed a 1-minute longer version of "I L Y S", mixed the whole thing again. Now I had 2 versions of the same mix, named "short" and "long version" and no clue which one to use in the video for YT. A couple of listens later I go for the short version. 

Did I already mention the speed-up to 115% I used in both versions (after mixing)?
It did miracles for the whole mix, sounded fresher and less boring (which is the worst of my fears when I am mixing). Still, something was missing, so I fooled around with all kind of effects. By accident, I used echo and made the mix completely out of sync. However...I like how the echo sound changes the drumbeats. I split the stereo track into left and right, added a very low (0.1) echo to 1 of the channels, mixed it down as a stereo track and...

Yep, the mix is ready for the video. Mmm, not exactly, the bass in the whole mix was a bit underrated. I decided to crank it up with any effect I could use. In the end, I got the best results from the compressor effect, not any equalizer preset. 
( after I finished the video I listened to whole thing and the compessor made it sound like a cärhifi system with closed I removed the compressor effect to get less bass but more cleaner sound )

Yes, we gonna make a video now. I liked the shark pictures Red 5 used for "I L Y S" sleeves for the (maxi-)single, so I used them for the opening and credits of the video. Finding a nice character set was easily done, but trying to match the Red 5 colors of the pictures was not an easy task. I ended up with red and pink, these looked not to bad.

For the video I had the idea to divide the screen into 3 parts (like the 3 songs I used), play only the music-video of the audio, while to other 2 only showing a picture of the start of the video. For this, I had to cut the music-video into the length of the audio part. Cause I had trimmed every song and speed-up it was impossible to sync the video with the audio. 

Well, if you want to see the musicvideo's, you have to look somewhere else.

Next problem was I could not find how to put the music-video into my minimix video, without playing any sound. I had already converted music-video parts without audio, when I found the right switch in the video-editor. 
Because the screen was divided into 3 parts, it's not easy to see, which music-video belongs to which song title. I show the song title just at the beginning of the song.

Maybe I get problems with copyrights and stuff, we will see.
I have uploaded the short and long version to SoundCloud so you can decide which one is better. Don't expect me to upload a video with the long version.
I am done and move over to my next project.

Soundcloud: Red 5 Minimix Short version
Soundcloud: Red 5 Minimix Long version

Youtube: Red 5 Minimix (MixMeister TnC)

BTW Mixcloud did not allow any file less than 12 Mb, so I uploaded to Soundcloud instead.
What a ...  rule.

Organic Art : an original music visualizer

Organic Art is just like Kaleidoscope but runs under Windows instead of MS-Dos (does anyone know what that is? Yes the big brother of MSX-Dos ofcourse...). You can make your own set of visuals and change the way they work, pretty cool huh? I am not sure the visual move on the rythm of music, but in Dance DNA I wasnt sure either, just enjoy the moving visuals and play some music.well the idea was good but just as in the past the simple computer generated creatures only move with the mouse and not with the music. I will upload a short video to show some of the visuals.Myguesss is my soundcard in my computer doesn't support Direct Sound of the old Direct X5 and 6 ( currently myWin10 runs  DirectX11), sad they did not use more then 1 methods to folllowjjng the music. I still have a printed mail of the support from hummingbird software who made Dance DNA ,cause on the official release CD thehh did not include a vital DLL file, without  it Dance DNA just crashed. 

I had raw footage of everg animation and some ambient musics 3x. Still editting needed to create a best of with a new version of those ambient sounds, by adding some drumloops.

My Music Memories : I Got Five On It by Luniz (featuring Michael Marshall)

This is probably the one rap or hiphop song in this series of music memories. I guess I Still liked it because the music and refrain are better than the whole rapping thing. It is a kind of Tublar Bells in a the hiphop-version . Without the haunted refrain sang by Michael Marshall 
( NO NOT the same guy who sang in the same way, the refrein of Gangsta Paradise of Snoop Dogg, that's L.V.)


I would forget the song soon, but now... It stayed for days in my head and there also an MSX Moonblaster version made by Silence. Too bad he was a bit lazy and made only a loop with the bells and the bass, so no refrain...I had tried to create in Moonblaster the refrain which should sound a bit the same, but it was so hard to create it from scratch if you don't know the notes. I only manage to create the first refrain line , before I stopped. Check the album it came from, the song has also a real history. The video clip is just standard hip-hop stuff,  cool looking guys with tatoos  dancing girls in small bikinis, in a big house with a big pool. 

The song  has a lot of remixes, but most of them are just other (famous) rappers and the same tune. I had to listen to a lot of shit to find some dope remixes.
Like this one: The Technotronic Luniz Bounce (even at Normal speed awesome)
Or This Dubstep Remix (requires 1:25 speed, luv the bass)

I was busyg with a msx version with a extra refrein and differentsamples, but never finished.

TnC mixes: TrackMania 2 Canyon 125 speedmix

When I am washing the dishes I like to have some music in the background. Over the years I collected many mashups, mixes, Xmas songs, game soundtracks, own CD-rips and more 
( maybe a bit illegal stuff ?).

So I put a DVD-R in my half-broken DVD-boombox ( remote control and display are broken) with some Lounge music and Virtual Audio Project (synthesizer music, see earlier Happy Halloween posts) and I was breathless by the instrumental techno sounds coming out of the speakers. I had to know what the music was and from who. It was labeled TrackMania 2 Canyon, so it was the OST of that game.
In total 8 tracks for 4 canyons and 2 menu music. I never want to buy the game itself, cause I bought a previous version called TrackMania United Forever and that game was good enough (or should I say difficult enough). Every TrackMania has almost everything a good race game should have, a track-editor, changeable car-skins, local and internet multiplayer, downloading new cars / car-skins, save replays, make screenshots, but no damage or guns.

Check out the 20k replay movie.

For this mix, I had 8 tracks, but 4 of them were almost the same. They even sounded a bit like the menu music. But I liked all of them. When I first hear all tracks from the DVD-R I assumed it was all 1 mix. When I looked on my computer on the DVD-R, there were 10 tracks with different titles. In the end, I used 9 in the mix instead of 10 tracks, cause 1 of the menu music sounded just 1 of other tracks and the mix sounded a bit too boring. 
I also cut a bit off the last track the menu music for a better fade out, hope you don't mind. 

When my mix was ready to be published on YouTube ( I was not sure I got issues with copyrights on mixcloud), I had the idea to create just a simple video with a visualizer, then my son (plays sometimes TrackMania United on Steam) told me it was less boring to watch if there were footage of the TrackMania 2 Canyon game. I agreed and start looking for footage with no watermarks or texts during the races. I found a long video of someone playing a couple of races of the Beta version and forgot to record the sound. 
So I cut and cut and pasted in the video I made with the visualizer, still, these footage .seemed not very interesting to watch. Then I tried to use the footage of all official trailers of Ubisoft of TrackMania 2 Canyon. But it felt wrong, the trailer had already good sounds, why re-use them for my simple Speedmix? I added an intro and an outtro to the vid with footage of the Beta version and decided to publish it on the net, first on Mixcloud, then YouTube.

I am sure if you search for TrackMania you get enough vids to watch for the rest of the week, so no more links about the game, well just one...

I forgot to tell I used the visualizer of WinAmp called Milkdrop from Nullsoft Inc & walter Gruess. It has very different styles of visuals and very nice color schema's. In the video I just used random visuals which turned out very well. Here is the download link.

Bucklist msx and more

Here are my todo lisf of msx projects. Still had to type out my notes.

Fan of Flash & The Pan ?

Hey Sint Peter
Waiting For A Train
Midnight Man

Best Of...

Fan van Art of Noise

I always like electronic music and specially music made from samples. Not just samples from music instruments , like everybody does in the house scene, but different ones, like the human voice. I got hooked on the Art of Noise when I heard songs like Beatbox, Moments in Love, Paranomia, Kiss on the radio. Yes, I like AoN Mk 1 and 2. Mk 1 was more experimental than Mk 2, but both hsd good and bad tracks. On 1 of mySoundtracker disks I found a regular version of Moments In Love, which was used in Madonna's wedding with Sean Penn ?? The fun part with AoN Mk 2 was the kind of humour which was part 8f the songs, in Paranomia and Peter Gunn for example. I REALLY wanted to make a sort of elisa demo with Max Headroom pictures, but it wws never finished...

TnC House Classics presents : Doop Doop - ????

Housemusic can use any other kind of music to get you moving. Even jazz, big band, or other music from more than 50 years ago, it's already done. But Doop Doop was a very succesfull cross-over between house and jazz.

Sadly the remixes are not on yt, so only my cassette versions remains.

Musicpad Adventures An Introduction

Musicpad Aventures is just a serie of silly soundscapes I made while chdvking the possibilities of Musicpad an App from the Windows Store of ?....
I just found a diskette full of samples 11khz made to replace the standard windows sounds of Win98SE. I never used it but sonehow I decidedyo keep thd samples anyway. Well Musicpad is just a screen with buttons and each button can have a sample, with voice or music. Thiscway you can usr it for live performances or even live creared remixes. I misused it modyly for Dutch voicessmples and some musicintros. In thevsame period as I created these little vvideos of our loving but unpredictable cat called Paris  but whk listen s to any name like Poede, Poest, Moppie, etc. I am not sure how many episodes I will upload toyoutube but we willsee. If you Dutcb you may understand what has bern said, for nonDutches it will be just a cacefony of noise while I am pressing randomly thevbuttons. I recorded on a Win10 PC withougt a touchscreen so it was not possible to click the buttons fast enough . Any way I liked yhe redults. And you ?

Raw videos are made but not on yt yet, titles and editting needed.

One hour of the best racing gamemusic we could find

My son is a big fan off futuristic racjnggame like Scars Rollcage powerslideThrist Twisg n Turn, but also racing gameswhich ard not so realistic but have a sort of open  world like Burnout Paridise and The Crew and racing game with differrnt gamemodes where you can chosefrom like flatout and crashday. Some of these games have licensed music from groups others use special gamemusic composer to create a unique stylethat fits the game. When my son start playing GRId a remake of Rollcage with cars that can ride in any direction, he wasdisappointed  about the music in the game. So I let him hear some Cd audio tracks from my collection of old 90s racing games. He like some soundtracks more than others, so in the end he had collected a nice new soundtrack forvGRId instead of monotone dnb he could listen to old 90s funky techno rock house tracks. Strangely no one had compiledsuch a collection for Yt so I want to create it to save these simpel but great music for being forgotten. You will hear tracks from Excessive Speed, Wipe out 2097, Speedster, Rollcage, SCARS , Thurst Twist n Turn anf reVolt. Enjoy, every track was selectedby Jeffrey123454 my son. Maybe I will creat a part 2. I tried to mix in key so the music will notstop all at sudden, like in the original game itself. Note most of these musics were recorded much earlier by me on tapes. Later I converted these tapes to mp3 but not all tapes were in good shapes anymore even 1 was missinng....

I have to record all cds again, it will take a lot of time to start mixing.

Onehour of the very best 2d fighterplane gamemusic

My son isnot only a big fan of racing game but hw likes also fighterpl,anegames with lots of upgrades different kind of planes archievements levels difficulties and of cours gamemusic. Agaon the was agame couter attackwhich had also everyting to be a good fighterpkane game except for the music (and the backgrounds). So we checkwd yt for a nice playlist. Therewas none. So we used some  soundtrack of fighterplanrs game with good music, like crimdon and clover world ignition, wings of gold and ....again i had the idea to create a one hour mix with the best fighterplane music, which was much harder than i imagined cause there are not so many fihhterplane games on pc with a decent soundtrack.itried tomatch the key in the beginning and ending of each travk to create a nice flow during the whole mix.

Jeffrey audio had too many songs recently, had to sort out the best and mix.


King Echatton II soundcloud

After creating his first mashup with Audacity see earlier post about Thomas happy and morphine King Echetron II alias Jeffrey1233454 made a couple more mashups that are very interesting . Mostly sounding overproduced, but this enjoyable. Some tracks I like more than the creator himself others the opposite. And the more I heard the more I was convinced he should put it on soundcloud and get a bigger audience than his Skype friends and his family although I am not sure if poede Paris likes the music. Most cats are not so into music. I asked permission to upload it to his own soundcloud and put one mashup he made for me and I remade it on my soundcloud so I can hyperlink to his cloud. I had an idea but no time and ask him to create it. Within 30 minutes he had created  a fine sounding mashup of new orders  blue Monday with vocals and silver polizzi s around my dream extended version. He doesn't care much for melodies as long as the rhythm (drums and bass) are in sync. Most of his mashups are made from soundtracks of his favorite games, he doesn't like human singing. I tried to chang that but until now he likes mord instrumental songs like yt channel with synthwave mixes of electronic gems.

Search soundcloud and you find it. Or search on soundcloud for darude drums.

Autorap app

I know there are a lot of apps to make music , but only a few let you use to record your own voice to fool around . Like Autorap and SCH,usss brothers (  check John tron ) . At autorap you can do your own rap or just say some sentences. Well I definently don want to rap but talk nonsense is no problem. So I tried to create some funny stuff with the 3 free r n b songs ( others you have to buy, or install and play stuff you don't want to get enough credits )  I terrorized  my home mates but the most funny was the I made myself . It got 3 likes ! so I created a little video about our cat with the music. the cat look a lot  of times very surprised which seems to fit

Video still to be made, cat video is still not found. Wattafak.

Best of Benn danglish msx gamemusics

Earlier benn danglish in October last year. I knew the man very briefly. He was a real c64 guy wrote many tunes but in the ports of zx spectrum games of c64 games  also that was made  for msx including a port of music. Some fav of mine dead wish 3 auf wiedersehen Monty and venom strikes back. Lately I found out that not only benn but also a couple of David Withaker (lazy jones) c64 musics where converted for msx. Well most of these games where just ports from the zx spectrum ones. That why so many English gamex look so terrible, just like the spectrum ones. So msx was just another spectrum with a different name. Not a world standard.

Allready collected the msx games , now record and mix it.

Battle of the Bands mashup kaene

Battle of the band mashup of country latin and hiphop together in same videoclip with 3 different color filters , not easy to sync exactly the audio, sync the video was worse. My editor could play in sync but could not produce the video. So i needed a screengrabber to get a proper video. There are a lot more mashups to be made, but i dont know which ones will be good enough to mashup. It not easy to get the volumes for each side, left ,right, middle cause some genres are louder than others.

Publiahed on yt if you can stil find it (copyright strike on video or audio)

Music from tv series part 1 csi las vegas

Imagine piano john lennon and female ballad

Depeache mode precious uk mix

Music from tv series part 2: csi new york

Imagine piano john lennon and female ballad

Depeache mode precious uk mix

Music from tv series part 3: unforgotten theme song

No wonder

Albums the good to forget

Paul McCartney and Wings - London town
The police - synchro isity
Chemical brothers - planet dust
Underworld - dont dub my bass man
Dire straits - love over gold
The beatles - abbey road
Cliff richard - rock n roll juivenial
Perplexef - the album

Tnc Amazing Discoveries on YouTube: Music

Synthwave darkwave psychill electro swing retrowave etc

TnC Amazing Discoveries on YouTube: Animations

Animusic fractalious

TnC Amazing Discoveries on YouTube: Games

Borderlands Terriaria Gear Up Flatout Burnout Midtown Madness Firefall Defiance Robocraft e.a.

Music from tv series part 4 CSI LAS VEGAS

Zie yt history and tunefind

Music from tv series part 5 csi new york

New york new york daggers yt history and tunefind

Music from tv series part 6 deep water

Yt history tune from

Cycle mix home 2 work 2 home

Just a playlist on yt with songs that kept playing in m.n y head

Space truckin - vengence rising
Lie down in the grass - chralie peacocm 1994
Wysiwyg - pitchshifter test drive 5 bass intro with vocals
Taste of gioa - ena laste song spooky en tempo changes
Hiekiekokan - normaal
Race soun dtrack songs met vocals ?

Friday, March 19, 2021

TnC Amazing Discoveries on YouTube ( Introduction)

Just a short introduction. Over the months ( maybe years) I cause across YT video's and channels, that really changed my state of mind. Whenever it's music, or games or movies or animations or history or technical stuff, my YT history has it all. I hope you like my selections and visit those channels , maybe even subscribe. It may not always very amazing , it shows my interests and hobbies.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Todd Rundgren - No World Order CD-Rom

No World Order CD-ROM by TR-i (or Todd Rundgren Interactive)

This music program tries to create songs by selecting a kind of mood you're in.
Because there are not much to chose from, most so-called songs are sounding
like somebody cut a few songs in parts of 10 seconds and play them randomly...
Yeah, hot stuff...
It's a very old Windows program, however when it came out, (1993 maybe, like the album with the same name), computer programs to make music were hard to find, so I don't want to criticize it a lot.

It started off with the cover of the CD and a soundscape with mashup with short pieces of the songs in a terrible order.
I thought the first time my CD-ROM player just crashed, next time it was just annoying.
Not the best way to start a music program.
After listening to parts of the whole CD, it was just the first track. Ugh.

The program does not have any mouse arrow, only by the colour changes or the changed shape on the buttons indicates you know what you are doing (most of the time you don't, trust me).
And because the program wants to run completely from CD-ROM, the "music" you make with this program is continuously stutter.
It sounded like a CD player with lots of power failures.
I got so angry I decided to make an ISO and run it.
That was a slight improvement. Not enough to play the music fluently.
So I copied all files of the CD-Rom and started it and I recorded my first attempt to create some sort of soundscape.
I found out if you do nothing, it plays the whole CD of New World Order, which is the basis of this music program.
The whole album seems to have only songs that were cut in 2 parts, some parts were good, some not.
Later I found out it was Todd Rundgren idea, so you could set your CD-player on shuffle and have every time a new New World Order mix to listen too.

At least one song really hit the spot with "Day Job" the only uptempo song of the album,
It comes an gets you with a pumping bassline, raw guitar riffs with lots of echoes, babytalk, the theme of The Twilight Zone.
Does humour belong in rock music? Yeah, it should.

Todd Rundgren may be the worst white rapper of the 90s, he pushed the message through the song and I like it a lot. Even the very misty video shows how many things Todd did on stage to make his concerts more enjoyable for the audiences like nobody else did at that time. Maybe even U2 used some Todd tricks for their concerts?

The artist himself (Todd Rundgren) was a little famous in those days, a real pioneer in interactive music and busy since the early 70s.
A bit like Peter Gabriel, who had better songs at that time...

I have searched on YouTube for some songs. it seems the genius himself (according to his fans) creates lots of (at first hearing) perfect pop-songs, which all change into the opposite of poppy.
Like he does not want to compose anything that may sound commercial.

He was also the producer of Bourgeois Tagg album YoYo (with their hit I don't mind at all),
that way I knew him already.

After I recorded more than 45 minutes to try to know the program and create a decent mix I let the video on my hard disk for more than 6 months. I had no time and no ideas.

Recently I got some spare time and after hearing the 2nd part of the intro song I developed 2 ideas, 1 video with intro track and credits (or the help page) and some videos with the best mix-parts of the 45 minutes session. 

When I finally got 5 videos uploaded I had learned some lessons:
1) If you want to make high resolution, you have to convert your video material to that resolution first
2) Animated title with a duration of 3 seconds is too short, use at least 5 seconds
3) Big fonts can be a bit off screen AFTER exporting, not in the editor, use fewer words.
4) Matching video and music exactly is impossible without good visual on the waveform of the audio, but almost will do the trick.

BTW Todd Rundgren released a year later (1994) also a New World Order lite with the 10 normal songs. Means to me, he did it only for commercial reasons...

 If you still interested: you can listen here to all the songs, well only 1 minute.

I found some footage of  the CD-I version of New World Order, where Todd is demonstration it, check out part 1 and 2 
And a short TV-story where Todd explains how his CD-I works and why he did it.

And an interesting fan-made mix (without the "Day Job") 
Nee more background story about New World Order? Look at 25

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

TnC Collection Tapes : My Favorite Houseworks 1 + 2

Now I posted about Lush 3-1 I think it's time to blog about the 2 tapes I am most proud of. 

They were made when I started to like house music and bought some low-price CDs with mostly collected tracks in one house genre. At that time there were not many house genres and lots of experimental house track were made in that era. You can find the playlist for mixcloud and the tracklistings too. 

I recorded the tapes back then in the 90s with the best songs of all house CDs I owned. When I listened to them again its a very varied collection of commercial euro house like 2-Unlimited or Snap, some techno hits like Praga Kahn and Orbital, club tracks like music and Captian Hollywood Project and Usura, but also some tracks you never had heard before like Self-Transforming Machine Elves and Flux.
So after all those years ( somewhere in the 90s, I never wrote any date on my tapes) the music is still refreshing and to my humble opinion still not outdated. I liked the tapes soo much I wrote the whole title and the artists, kinda rare. Mostly I wrote the begin letters of each track or left the tape cover completely blank...Not very handy if you want to create a tracklisting on mixcloud. On the picture above you can see the CDs I used for the tapes. 

And in the picture above here you see the tapes and covers I made.
Some quick words about the tracks.

I always liked 2 Unlimited they always made songs you could sing a long very danceable and easily hooked for days in your head. Even their own remixes on maxi CDs were very good. The Plateau song reminds me always at Ayers rock in Australia, a country I always wanted to visit. The battle between the flute and the trumpet with a tribal house beat, I like it. 
When I heard The Man With the Masterplan I had to bought the album of Quadrophonia , what a waste of money. Only the title track and remixes of other artists from these tracks were nice. To my surprise, both hits of Felix are on these tapes (and both made their way to MSX, I used both of them in my Moonblaster House mixes).
There may be also some bonus tracks...

Check them out on my playlist at Mixcloud.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

TnC House Classics presents : Lush 3 - 1 of Orbital

I re-discovered this track of Orbital, while I was playing My Favorite Houseworks tapes via Mixcloud. Just a simple house track, with a slow spacy flute, a regular hard bassline with a simple drumbeat and speed up riff loop. 

I wanted to create a video with different equalizers, but somebody posted the track Lush 3-1 track with a nice equalizer and the CD-cover as background. So I had to save this idea for another song I update some time later.

Orbital created house music with hard beats and soft melodies, so there are more tracks I liked. Also, I found out they, yes it's a duo, were reunited in 2017 and even created new single and a new album. The track of "Tiny Foldable Cities" is a nice one, check out the video. It's filmed from far above the city which totally fits with the title and the music too.

The remix by "Kareful" is just what they did with "Something Good" of the Utah Saints, just remove all breaks and make it more danceable. Well, you could also say, a bit boring to listen to. 

By the way Lusus 3-1 came from the Orbital brown album with also Lush 3-2 
Never knew why they gave it that title, it had not much relation with 3-1 in any way.
It's an annoying piece of ....

I found 2 remixes by other artists of Lush 3-1, the Underworld version is more Underworld than Lush, the second with the long title is just like old 12" versions, long and not much content added.